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We're always looking for dynamic & experienced brokers to join our team. See below for current information about our office and ways we are the perfect fit for you!

The Nitty Gritty

Brokerage Charges

We are a company founded by agents, for agents. Your success is our success, so we want to make sure you keep most of  your hard earned commissions!

Here is a quick breakdown of our charges, which offer an innovative and equitable commission structure!

  • 90/10 Split to $7000, then 100% after that ($150 transaction fee after split is reached)
  • $25 Per Month Office Charge


  • $195 Monthly Brokerage Fee and 100% Commission ($295 Transaction Fee Applies)

Other expected transaction charges include:

  • $25 License Holder Fee
  • Current State & City B & O charges
  • E & O Fee= 1% Commission, ex. $8,000 Commission = $80 up to a max of $100

Additionally, brokers will be charged quarterly L & I fees as per the State of WA requirement. You may turn in actual hours worked to us for less than full time charges.

Whats the Difference?


Agent Referrals

Property Management

Property Management

$500 Dollars IN YOUR POCKET when you bring an agent into the brokerage. $250 paid upon their sign-up, $250 paid on closing of their first transaction.


Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

We offer an in-house property management company. What this means- your clients can stay in house and when ready to sell, we turn them back over to you. Additionally, you can earn 20% each month on the PM Fee collected from the property you refer!



Property Management


We've been developing properties in and around the Greater Puget Sound area for a number of years. Visit our Development page for more information & current projects. If you have a client with a parcel of land looking for help in navigating the development process- look no futher!