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We're always looking for dynamic & experienced brokers to join our team. See below for current information about our office and ways we are the perfect fit for you!

The Nitty Gritty

Brokerage Charges

We are a company founded by agents, for agents. Your success is our success, so we want to make sure you keep most of  your hard earned commissions!

Here is a quick breakdown of our charges, which offer an innovative and equitable commission structure!

  • 90/10 Split to $7000, then 100% after that ($200 transaction fee after split is reached)
  • $25 Per Month Office Charge


  • $249 Monthly Brokerage Fee and 100% Commission ($300 Transaction Fee Applies)

Other expected transaction charges include:

  • $25 License Holder Fee
  • Current State & City B & O charges
  • E & O Fee= 1% Commission, ex. $8,000 Commission = $80 up to a max of $100

Additionally, brokers will be charged quarterly L & I fees as per the State of WA requirement. You may turn in actual hours worked to us for less than full time charges.

Whats the Difference?

Agent Referrals


$500 Dollars IN YOUR POCKET when you bring an agent into the brokerage. $250 paid upon their sign-up, $250 paid on closing of their first transaction.

Property Management


We offer an in-house property management company. What this means- your clients can stay in house and when ready to sell, we turn them back over to you. Additionally, you can earn 20% each month on the PM Fee collected from the property you refer!



We've been developing properties in and around the Greater Puget Sound area for a number of years. Visit our Development page for more information & current projects. If you have a client with a parcel of land looking for help in navigating the development process- look no futher!